Our handy floor area calculator will help you to determine your approximate floor area in square metres. Our team will of course always perform a final onsite check measure to ensure you are only paying for the flooring you need.
Simply measure the length and width of each room in metres (to the nearest 10cm i.e.5.4m x 3.7m), enter the name of the room and each measurement into the calculator. If you want to add more rooms just simply click the + button. For awkwardly shaped rooms (such as an L shape) divide the room into square or rectangular blocks, measure these separately and add in as separate rooms.
Please note that depending on your carpet selection, all flooring suppliers will allow for 20% wastage. This allows for any odd shaped corners and for the pattern or grain of the floor chosen to all run in the same direction. Also, please keep in mind that carpet is not supplied to us in square meters, this is just an accurate way to measure your space. Carpet is manufactured typically in Broad Loom measurements which are either 3.66m or 4m wide, which is the reason we need to allow for wastage.
If you have any questions, simply print your floor estimate below and come and chat to one of our friendly team in the showroom.



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Mark Henderson's Carpets

Mark Henderson’s Carpets is an independently owned family run business. We’re not part of any franchise group which allows us to have an unbiased view on flooring products in the market. This means our range is extensive and prices very sharp, with no franchise fees or marketing levies. Quite simply, we select products based on their quality and price which means a better deal for you.